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Space Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) – Shannon Clement

My clients are innovators, problem solvers and change makers who’s technology solve big problems. Working with founders, CEOs, or senior executives of growing companies in the space economy I lead your MarCom efforts to attract commercial buyers, investors, partners and government stakeholders to achieve rapid scalability.


Space Marketing

For your company to win the space industry RFP, get the partnership and attract investors, you need an effective marketing & communications system. 

When working with a new client with a space industry product, I start by ensuring the foundational marketing elements are in place, build on them to create a plan and work with the team to create a well oiled marketing and communications machine.

Step 1: Articulate your vision with a clear and compelling narrative

Step 2: Show proof of latent demand

Step 3: Outline a concrete plan to operationalize your marketing & communications growth engine

Step 4: Work closely with business development and government relations to build thought leadership and consistent communications

Step 5: Showcase momentum through key milestones  and building social proof

With these components in place, your communications and marketing strategy will result in a compounded growth rate projection with substantial month-over-month (MOM) growth.

Find out how I can lead your marketing efforts, as part-time resource with a systemized process and cadence, to help you achieve your growth targets.

Champion of Women  in the Space Industry

Working with organizations like the Women’s Aerospace Network, I’ve had the opportunity to support and educate the team to surpass their marketing and communications goals.

Through this work we’ve inspired future generations of women to consider careers in Aerospace.


About Shannon Clement


Working with tech clients for 10 years to position them in the marketplace, drive growth and attract investors, Shannon Clement brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise for  translating technical capabilities into compelling stories that fuel business growth. She has a proven track record of delivering measurable results with a repeatable framework tailored to her client’s needs.

Over the last year she has carried that expertise over to the space industry in Canada, the US and Europe and immersed herself in the global space economy. In that short time she’s created strategic partnerships with space focused academia, media and trade organizations looking to expand economic development. 

Her strengths are in building a marketing and communications function, executing the plan and working as a consultant to achieve specific goals on a project basis. She has a large network of market research specialists, PR consultants, campaign specialists and agencies that she can call on to bring in additional expertise when needed.


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